Live Stream: Governor Brown Signs Landmark Legislation to Raise California's Minimum Wage to $15/hour

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León’s prepared remarks in English & Spanish:

Good morning and thank you for being here.

I’m pleased to welcome you all to my district, a fitting site for this occasion.

This district is the most diverse in the state, and probably the nation – and it’s also among the poorest.

I’m extremely proud of the message that we are sending to working families by signing this bill into law.

Today we are showing that we value the contributions of the hard-working men and women in minimum- or low-wage jobs.

These workers support our economy in countless ways --

The strawberry farmer in Watsonville

The school janitor in Riverside

The dishwasher or line cook in Modesto

The convenience store cashier in Boyle Heights

The housekeeper and in home care provider – like my mother and aunt – in the palatial estates of La Jolla

These people work day and night in thankless jobs that make all of our lives easier.

They keep our economy moving and growing.

We need to take care of them, just as they care for us, and empower them to provide a decent life for their families.

No one who works full time should live in poverty.

We spend so much of our precious time on earth working – and many low-wage earners have to work multiple jobs to afford the most basic necessities.

These people should at least have the dignity and security that comes with a living wage --

The ability to spend time and resources investing in their families – in their futures – in the things that make them happy.

By raising the wage floor we are lifting millions out of poverty.

We are empowering working people to provide for their families without reliance on social services.

When it comes to taking care of working families, California leads the nation.

On so many issues –

from guaranteed paid family and medical leave, to the toughest equal pay law in the nation, and our efforts to crack down on wage theft;

We have shown that we are serious about increasing opportunity and making the American Dream accessible to ALL Californians.

And today we take another massive step forward.

I want to thank Senators Leno, Leyva, and all of my Democratic colleagues in Senate;

As well as Speaker Rendon and members of the Assembly for their steadfast dedication to the issue of income inequality and raising the minimum wage.

I commend Governor Brown for his leadership, for making this bill a priority, and signing it into law.

And most of all I want to thank the working people who forced the issue with tireless advocacy.

Today is a victory for them.

Thank you.

En Español:

Muy Buenos Días y  gracias por estar aquí en este  día tan importante.

Estoy muy orgulloso del mensaje que enviamos hoy a nuestras familias trabajadores en California.  Hoy se firma un Proyecto de Ley que ayudara a las familias  más pobres de nuestro estado.

Hoy demostramos que valoramos las contribuciones de nuestras mujeres  y hombres  que trabajan arduamente con  salarios mínimos o de bajos salarios.  

Es un día histórico – el salario mínimo se encamina hacia los $15 dólares la hora.

Vamos a restaurar a California – el sueño Americano para las familias que están trabajando día y noche sin descanso.

En el país más rico de la nación de este planeta, nadie que trabaje tiempo completo debería ser obligado a vivir en la pobreza.

La pobreza daña la dignidad. Tenemos que ayudar a quienes nos ayudan a hacer California la séptima económica del planeta.