Committee Memberships and Appointed Positions

Senate Standing Committees

Senate Select Committees

  • Select Committee on California-Mexico Cooperation
  • Senate Select Committee on Career Technology and the New Economy
  • Senate Select Committee on Hydrogen Energy
  • Senate Select Committee on Mental Health and Addiction
  • Senate Select Committee on the Ports and Goods Movement
  • Senate Select Committee on School Climate and Student Safety
  • Senate Select Committee on Student Success
  • Senate Select Committee on Transitioning to a Zero-Emission Energy Future

Joint Committees

Caucus Memberships

  • Aviation Caucus
  • Environmental Caucus, Co-Chair
  • Jewish Caucus,¬†Chair Emeritus
  • Mental Health Caucus

Appointed Positions

  • California Film Commission
  • Instructional Quality Commission
  • Ocean Protection Council
  • Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission
  • Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy
  • State Coastal Conservancy
  • UC Center Sacramento Advisory Board

Council of State Governments West

  • Border Legislative Conference
  • Energy and Environment Committee

National Conference of State Legislatures

  • Committee on Law and Criminal Justice
  • Committee on Natural Resources and Infrastructure
  • Committee on Redistricting and Elections