Senators Fuller & Allen Present SCR 14 “Arts Education Month”

Sacramento, CA – Today, Senators Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) and Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) presented Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 14 declaring March 2015 as Arts Education Month on the Senate floor. The measure passed on a vote of 32 – 0.
Watch Senator Allen's remarks here.  

“As a former educator, I understand the importance of a well-rounded education,” said Senator Fuller. “SCR 14 acknowledges the important role arts curriculum has in the overall education of our children.” 

Senator Allen Presents SCR 14 - Arts Education Month

Arts education includes dance, music, theater, literature, design, and various visual arts. These experiences encourage creative learning in children and young adults. A well-rounded education should include the stimulation and creative thinking that arts help to develop. 

“It is important that we recognize and celebrate the essential role of arts education in our schools. As a former school board president, I know first-hand that schools with an arts-rich curriculum have students who are more fully engaged, more likely to stay in school and are better prepared for success. And as the Chair of the Joint Committee on the Arts, one of my key goals will be to explore ways that we can increase student access to the arts in all of our public schools,” said Senator Ben Allen.

Studies show that students participating in visual and performing arts receive better grades and are less likely to drop out of school. Student involvement in the arts has also been shown to increase standardized test scores, and promote greater involvement in community service.

California has made a conscious decision to continue the support of arts education as a key area in the general education of high school and post-secondary education. The UC and CSU systems require high school students to satisfy a visual or performing arts requirement by completing a yearlong course in dance, music, theater or visual arts. 

SCR 14 has received bi-partisan support as well as backing from The Center for the Arts, California Alliance for Arts Education, California Arts Advocates, and Californians for the Arts.