Senator Ben Allen Comments on Governor’s Revised 2021-22 State Budget Proposal

Senator Ben Allen Comments on Governor’s

Revised 2021-22 State Budget Proposal


Sacramento – Following Governor Gavin Newsom’s May Revision of his $268 billion proposed state budget announced this morning, State Senator Ben Allen (D – Santa Monica) released the following statement:

“I applaud and thank Governor Newsom for putting forward a budget that puts historic investments into so many aspects of life and infrastructure in California while paying down obligations and liabilities and reserving money for future challenges. I appreciate the Governor's strong commitments to climate change adaptation and mitigation, housing and homelessness, recycling infrastructure, K-12 and higher education, early childhood education and health, the California Arts Council, small business and tourism recovery, speeding up transit construction in Los Angeles in advance of the Olympics, and so much more. This budget is a product of a unique moment in history. We should recognize that this flush budget is likely a one-time phenomenon, and take this opportunity build up reserves and pay down liabilities to put us in a stronger place the next time our economy struggles. While the size of the surplus is reflective of the fact that some of our fellow Californians have been incredibly successful this past year, we also know that so many others have suffered tremendously. We should look to invest in helping those people who struggled, from working single moms to small business owners, from those who lost their jobs and homes to those who saw their livelihoods go up in smoke in our hospitality, service, and arts and cultural sectors. I look forward to our Legislature working closely with our Governor to finalize a budget that meets these goals."


Over the next month, the Legislature and the Governor will negotiate the details of the state budget for Fiscal Year 2021-22. The Senate and the Assembly must vote on the final Budget Act by June 15, and the Governor must sign it by June 30.




Ben Allen represents the 26th State Senate District, which consists of the Hollywood,

Westside, and South Bay communities of Los Angeles County. He chairs the Senate Environmental Quality Committee and the Joint Committee on the Arts.