Senator Ben Allen Comments on Decision to Audit DMV


Sacramento, CA – I welcome and applaud the decision by the California Department of Finance to conduct an audit of the Department of Motor Vehicles’ (DMV) customer service and information technology functions.  I have been monitoring closely the progress of the reforms put in place by the Brown Administration several weeks ago that were intended to reduce the unacceptable wait times and other performance issues at the DMV.  While progress has been made in reducing wait times, it is clear that in many DMV offices the problems are still very bad, and the public is not being well served.

In addition, unacceptable new problems with the motor voter files have emerged.  Needless to say, I am pleased that the governor is honoring his commitment to me and other senators that he will do everything in his power to remedy these issues.  I look forward to the findings of this targeted audit, and to the implementation of additional reforms to get the DMV back on track.  I plan on being at the Senate Transportation and Housing committee’s hearing on October 4 in Sacramento to monitor progress and hold the Department’s feet to the fire.  Special thanks are due to Senators Beall and Lara for their work behind the scenes with me to ensure greater accountability with DMV.

A copy of the Department of Finance’s letter announcing the audit is below.

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Senator Allen represents the Westside, Hollywood and South Bay communities of Los Angeles County.  Follow him on FB/@BenAllenCalifornia; TW/BenAllenCA; and Instagram/@BenAllenCA.