California Senate’s Environmental Quality Committee Chair Applauds Biden Administration’s ‘Climate Day’

Sacramento – As President Joe Biden dedicated today’s executive actions to addressing climate change, State Senator Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica), Chair of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee and Co-Chair of the Legislative Environmental Caucus, commended the progress:

“Once again, we have national leaders who recognize the urgent need to take bold actions to protect our environment. Over the last four years, California often had to act alone in forging a path of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Within his first week in office, President Biden is demonstrating his team will be an assertive partner by rejoining the 2015 Paris Agreement, establishing a special cabinet-level envoy for climate, pausing oil drilling and fossil fuel subsidies, and pursuing other crucial steps to revamp the energy sector with an eye on long-term sustainability. California will continue to lead the way as an incubator for environmental policy and I look forward to exporting what we have learned to the national level.”


Ben Allen represents the 26th State Senate District, which consists of the Hollywood, Westside, and South Bay communities of Los Angeles County, and serves as Chair of the Senate Environmental Quality Committee and the Joint Committee on the Arts.