In Memoriam

  • Michael Berman was a brilliant political consultant who transformed the way candidates share their message with voters. His career was devoted to advancing that of his brother, Howard, and other like-minded representatives. See my Floor statement about Michael here.
  • Former LA Mayor Richard Riordan was a critical Los Angeles businessman, philanthropist, and public servant. He was instrumental in rebuilding the city after the Northridge earthquake and improving the quality of the public school system. See my Floor statement about Mayor Riordan here.
  • Casey Rohrer was an inspiring young playwright, actor, motivational speaker, and advocate. Devoted to lifting up those around him, he persevered amidst the impacts of cerebral palsy to share his profound message. See my Floor statement about Casey here.
  • Kevin Sousa was a South Bay musician, high school teacher, surfing coach, and therapist who was cherished by the people of the coastal South Bay. See my Floor statement about Kevin here.
  • John Britton was a world-class athlete who achieved great success playing both badminton and soccer professionally. He moved from his native Scotland to Manhattan Beach where he devoted his life to his family and his community, coaching for over 25 years at El Camino College. See my Floor statement about John here.