Ensuring Good Governance, Equity, and Access

Bill Presentation

Ensuring our government operates consistently and ethically has been a pressing matter for me since I first arrived in the Capitol. I am continuing in these efforts this year by streamlining the manner in which ballot initiative proponents can withdraw their measures and work for legislative solutions in order to avoid inundating voters with unnecessary measures; ensuring the money you spend on plastic bags at the grocery store is actually being used for what it is intended; modernizing the way we can update the Political Reform Act of 1974; and cutting unnecessary red tape around the ability for authorized cannabis lounges to operate the way they were intended. Additionally, I am working with Assemblymember Isaac Bryan on legislation to bring Independent Redistricting Commissions to all large jurisdictions following the leak of alarming tapes from Los Angeles City Council leadership which involved discussion of manipulating the drawing of district lines.

Students looking to start their futures are at a disadvantage when facing considerable debt following graduation. In response to the White House’s announcement of student loan forgiveness, I joined several of my legislative colleagues seeking to ensure those funds receive an exemption on state income taxes.

Additionally, I am a coauthor of ACA 5, a constitutional amendment that, if approved by both houses of the Legislature, would give voters the opportunity to repeal language added to the California Constitution through Proposition 8 of 2008 that states “only marriage between a man and a woman” is recognized in our state. Though court rulings have certified marriage equality, we are anxious to remove this from our Constitution.

Financial circumstances should not prevent a kid from being able to see. I authored SB 502 to align Medi-Cal coverage with the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program in order to allow organizations like Vision To Learn to use federal funds to provide low-income children with optometric services and eyeglasses.