STATEMENT: California Senate Leader Responds to New Information from ICE

Friday, February 10, 2017

SACRAMENTO – California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) released the following statement in response to new information from Immigration and Customs Enforcement about raids they conducted across California this week:


“I appreciate that ICE finally disclosed details about their recent raids, but stunned to learn that ICE’s public comments made yesterday were blatantly false.  When news first broke of raids happening across Southern California yesterday, ICE told the media that reports of 100 immigrants being arrested were ‘grossly exaggerated’ yet today they admit they arrested 160 people. 

“ICE also told numerous media outlets that yesterday was a “routine” day which it most clearly was not. And they have yet to disclose the exact crimes each person was convicted of to support their arrests.

“The disconnect between what was coming out of the ICE Regional Office yesterday and what was publicly disclosed today is deeply troubling and needs to be fully explained by the Trump Administration. 

“I find it particularly galling that after misleading the media yesterday, ICE would today lecture the public about the dangers of ‘false reporting.’  If ICE is looking for the culprit to yesterday’s panic they need only look in the mirror. 

“Let me be clear, we want to work together to get violent felons out of our neighborhoods; however,  we remain deeply concerned with the new Administration’s recent decision to prioritize nearly every undocumented resident in California for deportation, and their apparent inability to accurately inform the public of their operations in a timely manner. 

“If you want to ensure ongoing safety of the public and law enforcement personnel, my recommendation is to drop the mass deportation threats roiling our communities and instead focus strictly on dangerous felons.”