Broad Coalition Supports Senate’s “California Rebuild” Infrastructure Proposals

Monday, December 12, 2016

SACRAMENTO – A diverse coalition of local elected leaders, advocates and labor representatives are speaking out in support of the Senate’s “California Rebuild” legislative package to reinvest in the state’s critical infrastructure.

HOUSING – SB 2 (Atkins) & SB 3 (Beall)

“This package would begin to replace the tens of billions of dollars in state investment cut over the last decade, a disinvestment that has exacerbated the housing crisis for families and left local communities without the start-up funds they need to build affordable homes and prevent homelessness.”  -- Ray Pearl, Executive Director, California Housing Consortium 

"Housing California is pleased to the see the continued leadership of Senators Beall and Atkins, taking assertive action to address the need for housing affordable to all, including those experiencing homelessness. SB 2 and 3 demonstrate the recognition that the State of California can no longer delay finding solutions to this unprecedented crisis." -- Lisa Hershey, Executive Director, Housing California

"We believe our state can and must do better to create family sustaining wage jobs while also addressing the need for affordable housing and population growth.  Together, these legislative proposals will provide much needed state funding in order to leverage federal, local and private investment to build housing affordable for working families and quality construction jobs throughout California." -- Robbie Hunter, President, California State Building Trades & Construction Council.

TRANSPORTATION -- SB 1 (Beall) & SB 4 (Mendoza)

“Our economy depends on our transportation infrastructure. California's transportation system is now on life support, costing tens of thousands of middle class jobs. Senator Beall and Assemblymember Frazier have worked hard to develop solutions. The Legislature and the Governor must act in 2017 to protect our economy and improve the quality of life for all Californians.” --Rob Lapsley, President, California Business Roundtable

"I thank Senator Beall for his leadership, and continued commitment to finding solutions that address our rapidly-deteriorating roads and mass transit system. If we don't start reinvesting in our basic transportation infrastructure now, the magnitude of the problem, and the cost to our taxpayers, will only grow exponentially."  -- San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo

“The Laborers appreciate Senator Beall’s leadership and drive on one of the most important issues facing California.  Senator Beall’s transportation funding proposal responsibly addresses our state’s transportation crisis and would raise the funds needed to rebuild, modernize and sustain our transportation network. Infrastructure investment not only stimulates our economy and makes us more competitive; it’s also a surefire investment in California workers and their families.” --Jose Mejia, Director, California State Council of Laborers

“Transportation California is pleased to see the introduction of transportation funding and reform legislation in both houses of the Legislature so early in the new legislative session.  If approved, Sen. Beall’s SB 1 will have a positive impact on the state’s economy, creating jobs and increasing productivity.  It will also provide the means to take better care of our transportation infrastructure, protecting this investment and making it easier to move people and goods across California.” – Will Kempton, Executive Director, Transportation California

“Senator Beall remains committed to fixing California’s transportation infrastructure. The League appreciates the Senator’s tireless dedication to work with his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find sensible solutions to this growing crisis.  The Legislature and Governor have now indicated a commitment to getting this done in the early part of 2017, and we look forward to working towards that goal. Our local streets and roads are falling apart, burdening all Californians with higher vehicle maintenance costs and unsafe roads they use every day. Delaying action will only make the problem worse and more expensive for future generations to fix. Urgent action is needed. The League of California Cities looks forward to working with this Legislature and Administration to help deliver a comprehensive transportation reform and funding package California deserves.” --Dan Carrigg, Acting Executive Director, League of California Cities

“The transportation funding crisis is a serious threat to the safety and economic well-being of all Californians,” “Our transportation infrastructure is crumbling and the longer we wait to fix it, the more it will cost in the long run. California counties stand with Senator Beall in his effort to pass meaningful legislation that provides both common-sense reforms and the additional funds we need to make our local streets, roads, and bridges safe and efficient.”  -- Matt Cate, Executive Director, California State Association of Counties

"Operating Engineers look forward to working with legislative leadership to craft a practical and comprehensive transportation package that will bring the state's worn highways and roads up to modern standards while also creating good jobs for California workers." --Tim Cremins, Director, California-Nevada Conference of Operating Engineers

“The Coalition for Clean Air applauds the introduction of The Goods Movement and Clean Trucks Bond Act by the Senate leadership. The movement of goods in California, while an important driver of the economy, imposes disproportionate burdens on communities around freight facilities and corridors, which are predominantly low-income communities of color. Reducing emissions from freight sources is vital to California’s meeting federal, health-based air quality standards for ozone and fine particulate matter, as well as the state’s greenhouse gas emission requirements and targets. Therefore, the investments in zero-emission and near-zero-emission trucks that would be enabled by this bill are crucial to cleaning up our air and correcting environmental injustice. The new legislation would help boost economic growth while improving public health. It is consistent with Governor Brown’s Sustainable Freight Action Plan, which seeks to make California’s freight system more competitive and efficient while making the transition to zero-emission transportation.”  -- Bill MacGavern, Executive Director, Coalition for Clean Air

“The American Lung Association in California supports the senate leadership’s proposal to take action against pollution from freight movement that has a serious impact on public health, especially in disadvantaged communities. The infrastructure bond package introduced today is a key opportunity to move our state toward cleaner and zero emission transportation choices and assure Californians that the fight to cut harmful pollution continues.” – Bonnie Holmes-Gen, American Lung Association

PARKS & WATER -- SB 5 (de León)

“California has long been a model for the rest of the country when it comes to protecting public health and the environment. As we look at the needs of a growing population, coupled with the need for infrastructure updates and going into a sixth year of drought, it’s a relief to see that Senate leadership takes these issues seriously. The Infrastructure Investment Package released today will go a long way to meet California’s pressing environmental and human needs.” – Anne Nottoff, Director, California Advocacy, Natural Resources Defense Council

 “The California Association of Local Conservation Corps applaud California's Senate leaders for their continued attention and investment in the state's natural resources and vulnerable populations. This bond will provide immediate solutions to address the critical water and park needs of our communities, while providing job training opportunities for California's underserved youth." -- Alan Lessik, President of the California Association of Local Conservation Corps

“We are thrilled that the Senate Leadership is introducing legislation to make robust and critically needed investments for parks and open space, especially in disadvantaged, park-poor communities. In Los Angeles, where 2 out of every 3 residents don’t have enough safe, quality parks in their neighborhoods, these investments are crucial for the health and safety of our communities and our environment.” -- Alina Bodke, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust

"The Carbon Cycle Institute applauds the Pro Tem's effort to fund critical drought and conservation projects. As California's $50B agricultural industry struggles to adapt to changing climates, climate smart agricultural practices that improve soil health and carbon and allow them to hold more water will be increasingly important. This effort could help fund farmers to implement healthy soils practices." -- Torri Estrada, Executive Director of the Carbon Cycle Institute

"This drinking water and resources bond comes at a crucial time for both humans and the environment in their struggle with climate change. This bond can help fund crucial natural infrastructure, like coastal wetlands and eelgrass, to both sequester atmospheric carbon and protect our communities and water supplies from sea level rise, which threatens to swallow California's coastlines." -- George Leonard, Chief Scientist for the Ocean Conservancy

"Now more than ever we need investment in California’s water future. Climate change and recent drought have underscored the need for innovation and solutions to meet a growing California’s water supply and ecosystem health needs. Investments are needed for changes to California’s aging water infrastructure including removing antiquated dams and improving drinking water supplies. Solutions exist that will benefit both fish and people.” -- Curtis Knight, Executive Director of California Trout

"Coastal protection and access, particularly funding for recreational trails, will help preserve low-cost recreational opportunities for all Californians. The Land Trust of Santa Cruz County is thrilled to support the Senate President Pro Tempore’s important effort." - Stephen Slade, Executive Director of the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County