Senate Introduces “California Rebuild” Infrastructure Proposals

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

LATEST: Broad Coalition Supports Senate’s “California Rebuild” Infrastructure Proposals


SACRAMENTO – Senate Democrats today introduced a series of new measures to rebuild California’s aging infrastructure, including boosting affordable housing, addressing funding shortfalls for transportation needs, and providing badly needed resources for safe drinking water, drought relief, and urban parks.

“Now is the time to rebuild the critical infrastructure that keeps our state moving and growing,” Senate Leader Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) said. “Our families and businesses depend on affordable housing, safe and reliable roads and transportation options, and access to clean drinking water and healthy open spaces.”

“California has made significant progress recently in promoting economic and social justice and fighting climate change, but serious challenges remain, and at the top of the list is our infrastructure,” said Senator Toni Atkins (D-San Diego). “The Senate Democrats’ legislative package on infrastructure -- including my bill, SB 2, to create a permanent source of funding for badly needed affordable housing -- will go a long way toward improving quality of life for Californians and grow our state’s economy.”

“Our transportation infrastructure is in dire condition. The longer we wait to fix it, the more it will cost us,” Senator Jim Beall (D-San Jose) warned. “By updating our funding system for transportation repairs now, we will restore our bridges, streets, and highways and generate thousands of good-paying jobs that will benefit families and California’s economy.’’​

“As a representative of cities in Southeast Los Angeles County and North Orange County, I realize the pressing need for improving our infrastructure for the movement of our goods. For this reason, I am honored to have introduced SB 4 as part of Senate President Pro Tem Kevin De León’s transportation package to improve our roads and highways,” said Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia).



SB 1 (Beall): Transportation Infrastructure and Economic Investment Act

California’s freeway system faces a $59 billion maintenance shortfall over the next 10 years, while local governments face a $78 billion shortfall for local roads, highways and bridges. This 10-year, $6 billion annual investment will go towards repairing and upgrading streets, roads, and bridges, and improving transit systems and trade corridors. In turn, investing in California’s transportation infrastructure will generate an estimated $111.9 billion in economic activity including 570,000 jobs.

SB 4 (Mendoza):  Clean Goods Movement Bond

Improving goods movement is critical to relieve congestion on freeways and increase mobility for all Californians. SB 4 will make a $1.2 billion investment to enhance freight movement across the state and to reduce emissions and health risks from freight operations in California’s priority trade corridors.


SB 2 (Atkins): The Building Homes and Jobs Act

Increased and ongoing funding for affordable housing is critical to stabilize the state’s housing development and construction marketplace. The Building Homes and Jobs Act establishes a permanent funding source for affordable housing to generate hundreds of millions of dollars annually for construction of housing and homeownership assistance through a $75 fee on real estate transaction documents.

SB 3 (Beall): Statewide Housing Bond

This $3 billion statewide housing general obligation bond, similar to Propositions 46 and 1C, will fund existing and successful affordable housing programs in California, with the intent of addressing the shortage of housing stock.

Water and Parks

SB 5 (De León): The CA Clean Drinking Water and Natural Resources Protection Act of 2016

In order to address the state’s historic drought, and to maintain a high quality of life for California’s growing population, there is a serious need for new state investment in water infrastructure, parks, recreation facilities, and protection of the state’s natural and historical resources. SB 5 will fund state and local parks and water infrastructure through a $3 billion bond.