Senate Leader de León Statement on Trump & Congressional Republicans’ Tax Reform Plan

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

SACRAMENTO – California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) released the following statement after President Trump and Congressional Republicans announced their tax reform plan:


“President Trump and Republicans in Congress again show where their true priorities lie: making the lives of the rich easier and the lives of working Americans dramatically tougher.

“After repeatedly failing to take away healthcare from millions of Americans, Republicans in Washington DC now want to cut taxes for millionaires, billionaires and corporations and leave it up to poor, working and middle class families to shoulder the costs.

“The tax proposal unveiled today would raise taxes on the lowest earners, and repeal vital  personal exemptions for dependents while providing huge tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals  and corporations.  We have tried trickle-down economics before and learned the magic simply does not exist.

“The state and local deduction has been on the books since 1913, the same year the modern federal income tax was created. Abolishing the deduction would represent double taxation in states like California that are already paying more than others into the U.S. Treasury. As a donor state, California receives nearly $0.25 less in return for every dollar sent to the federal government than the national average. Eliminating the deduction would also be a significant direct hit to the pocket books of hardworking California taxpayers, will ultimately result in reduced funding available for infrastructure spending, and ultimately result in reduced funding available for infrastructure spending, and cuts to vital state and local programs. Republicans in Washington have once again zeroed in on California to punish us and make our state the single biggest loser in their reckless tax scheme.

“Unlike the federal government, the State of California has balanced our budget and managed our revenue in responsible ways that maximize tangible benefits for Californians across our state. The Republican tax plan would force deep cuts to important priorities of working Americans nationwide, like schools, housing and transportation. In California, we have redoubled our investments in these areas and our economy keeps growing as a result of it.

“It is time for Republicans running Washington DC to base their policy proposals on reality and not in the one-page wish lists from their wealthy donors.”