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Russia’s invasion into Ukraine has pushed California’s gas prices to record levels, but a local lawmaker wants to know why Golden State prices are routinely so much higher than the rest of the nation… Allen conceded that California’s environmental standards and voter-approved gas tax have boosted fuel costs.

California State Senator Ben Allen and two of his colleagues have proposed a bill designed to support the state’s flagging local journalism industry. The measure, Senate Bill 911, would establish a state board that would distribute grants to individuals and organizations covering community news.

Calling all journalism ethicists! Should the government fund the free press?

That’s what Sens. Steve Glazer, Ben Allen and Josh Newman are proposing, with a bill intended to provide state grants to media individuals and organizations to cover issues of importance to their communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastating lockdowns and restrictions on businesses out of concern for the public health. But there has been another side to the pandemic — namely the (usually temporary) lifting of certain rules and regulations. That’s what allowed for the proliferation of outdoor dining opportunities, cocktails-to-go and direct-to-consumer shipping of distilled spirits.

With this month’s U.N. climate conference failing to achieve key agreements that will limit global heating to the crucial 1.5° C goal, it’s vital that California step up our climate leadership.

Senator Ben Allen (D – Santa Monica) was honored as Clean Money Champion by the California Clean Money Campaign Sunday. The award is presented to the California State legislator with the highest “Clean Money Score,” as determined by their leadership, votes, and actions regarding campaign finance reform.

Senator Allen on The Doug McIntyre Show on KABC radio in Los Angeles. The topic was Senator Allen’s proposed legislation to close the vaccine loophole.