Four of Senator Durazo's Bills To Uplift and Protect Working Californians Move Through Labor Committee

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


SACRAMENTO - The Senate Labor committee passed four bills authored by Senator María Elena Durazo on Monday, including legislation to uplift the dignity of workers by ending the piece rate system in the garment industry, expanding protections in the workplace for domestic workers, ending the sub-minimum wage for those with disabilities, and creating high-road jobs in California's transportation industry. 

"These four bills are about raising standards for our most vulnerable workers, creating good, green jobs, and rewarding the dignity of all work with a living wage," said Senator Durazo. "Paying highly-skilled workers like those in garment factories more than $5 an hour and ensuring that they are not getting sick and dying from unsafe factory conditions should not be overly burdensome for any kind of ethical business operating in California. We don't want any more jobs in California that will exploit workers and not give them the wages or protections they deserve."

The following bills authored by Senator Durazo were approved on Monday: 

  • SB 62 - The Garment Worker Protection Act 
  • SB 321 - The Health & Safety for All Workers Act
  • SB 639 - Ending Subminimum Wage in California
  • SB 674 - California Jobs Plan Act