Senate Budget Subcommittee 4 Approves $108.4 million for Census Outreach

Thursday, May 16, 2019

SACRAMENTO – Today, Senate Budget Subcommittee 4 on State Administration and General Government approved $108.4 million for 2020 Census outreach and communication efforts.

To augment outreach efforts, language access and partnerships with parents and schools, the Subcommittee proposes $30 million for community-based organizations and local governments. A minimum of $2.4 million of those funds would be dedicated to Los Angeles County, which has the highest rate of hard-to-count communities in the state.

The Subcommittee approved Governor Gavin Newsom’s Budget proposed $54 million for outreach and for the California Housing Population Sample Enumeration efforts for the 2020 Census. The Subcommittee also approved $2.9 million and $1 million in reimbursements to strengthen current statewide outreach and communication coordination to increase Native American outreach efforts. The Subcommittee approved an additional $22.5 million that would be appropriated upon approval from the Department of Finance, if needed.

“The upcoming 2020 Census is critical to California and we must ensure we do everything we can to reach all Californians, especially the hard-to-count communities,” said Senator María Elena Durazo, Chair of Senate Budget Subcommittee 4.

The ultimate amount for Census funding will be decided in the coming weeks as the Budget Act is finalized.