Statement on U.S. EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Decision to Roll Back Federal Clean Car Standards

Monday, April 02, 2018

SACRAMENTO Senate President pro Tempore Emeritus Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) released the following statement today:

“Today Scott Pruitt rolled out his latest ploy to line the pockets of his close friends in the fossil fuel industry.  Unfortunately, this decision will hurt the rest of us.  It will drive up fuel costs, pump more pollution into the air, shorten American lives, increase asthma rates across the population, and accelerate climate change.  Pruitt’s propensity for weakening regulations that protect our environment comes at a high cost and Americans will be stuck paying the price.

“As for Pruitt’s threat to California’s standards, we will continue to fight vigorously to protect our standards, our consumers and most of all our children.”

More Information:
Senator de León is the leading voice in California on the issue of climate change, authoring and passing landmark legislation to keep our air clean.  His bill SB 350, which became law in 2015, requires California produce 50% of its energy from clean, renewable sources by 2050.  Last year he introduced SB 100, to put California on the path to 100% renewable energy by the year 2045.