President Pro Tempore de León Announces Appointments

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

SACRAMENTO- California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León (D- Los Angeles), Chair of the Senate Rules Committee, has announced the following Rules Committee Appointments:

Christopher Punongbayan, JD, a Democrat from San Francisco, has been appointed to the Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander American Affairs. Mr. Punongbayan is an attorney and Director, Equity and Social Justice for Northern California Grantmakers He is also a member of Mobilize the Immigrant Vote Action Fund and KQED Community Advisor Panel. The term ends January 1, 2022. Members are reimbursed for actual and necessary travel expenses.

The Commission on Asia and Pacific Islander American Affairs advises the Governor, the Legislature, and state agencies, departments and commissions on issues relating to the social and economic development, and the rights and interests of APIA communities.

Jenna Driscoll, a Democrat from Santa Barbara, has been appointed to the Oil Spill Technical Advisory Committee. Ms. Driscoll is an environmental scientist and Watershed and Marine Program Associate for the Santa Barbara Channelkeeper. She is also a non-governmental organization representative on the Los Angeles/Long Beach Area Committee to improve oil spill prevention and response.  Further, she serves on the Community Outreach Subcommittee and previously served on the Refugio Oil Spill Subcommittees on Information Management and Operational Needs. Ms. Driscoll has a BA in Environmental Studies, and a MS in Environmental Science and Management. She is also a member of the Rotaract Club of Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara Downtown Rotary. This is a pleasure term. Compensation is $100 per meeting day plus all necessary travel expenses at state per diem rates.

The Oil Spill Technical Advisory Committee provides recommendations to the Oil Spill Administrator, State Lands Commission, California Coastal Commission, San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, Office of the State Fire Marshal, and the Public Utilities Commission on any provision of the Oil Spill Prevention and Response Act, including the promulgation of all rules, regulations, guidelines and policies. The committee may study, comment on, or evaluate, any aspect of oil spill prevention and response in the state.

Darshan Singh, a Democrat from San Francisco, has been reappointed to the Prison Industry Board. Mr. Singh is a partner with the Asiatic Trading Company and vineyard owner. He is also a commissioner on the Community Investment and Infrastructure Commission, a board member of the San Francisco Council of District Merchants, Indo-American Chamber of Commerce, Sonoma County Grape Growers Association, and an advisor to the Federation of Indian Associations of California. He has been a Rules Committee appointee to the Prison Industry Board since 1995. The term ends January 1, 2022. Compensation is per diem and actual and necessary travel expenses.

The Prison Industry Board determines the policy direction for the Prison Industry Authority in developing and operating industrial, agricultural and service enterprises employing prisoners in institutions and to make them self-supporting.

Ramon Rubalcava, a Democrat from South Pasadena, has been appointed jointly by the Assembly Speaker and the Senate Rules Committee to the Public Employees Retirement System, Board of Administration. Mr. Rubalcava is Member Benefits Director for SEIU Local 721. He holds a Certificate in Retirement Plans from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. He is also a member of the Latino/a Roundtable. The term ends January 15, 2020. Members receive $100 for every day of actual attendance at meetings of the board, together with their necessary traveling expenses incurred in connection with the performance of their official duties.

The Board of Administration of the Public Employees Retirement System manages and controls the administration of the system, including the investment of funds.