Kids Surf with Senator Stern

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

In the first event of its kind, last Sunday, State Senator Henry Stern, Malibu native, organized a Surf Summit to bring children and teenagers from Malibu and other parts of LA together to experience the joy of surfing. Participants came from the Children’s Lifesaving Foundation and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Malibu as well as the West San Gabriel Valley, West Valley and Variety Boys & Girls Clubs.

“When these kids are in the water, it doesn’t matter where they’re from,” Stern said. 

“They’re all just kids, surfing. All of LA ought to be able to reach the beach. Today, some of our best lifeguards and surfers helped 100 groms [kids participating in ‘extreme’ sports] from all walks life become legends.” Stern himself even took some of the kids out into the surf on a surfboard.

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