Senate Leader de León Applauds Governor Brown for Signing Clean Energy Job Creation Legislation

Monday, July 10, 2017

SACRAMENTO- California Senate President pro Tempore Kevin de León (D- Los Angeles), released the following statement today on the Governor’s signing SB 110, which allocates $75 million from Proposition 39 for schools to retrofit California’s oldest school bus fleets:

I want to thank Governor Brown for signing SB 110, which establishes the Clean Energy Job Creation Program, fulfilling a promise we made to voters when they passed The Clean Energy Jobs Act in 2012.  Schools will be able to retrofit or purchase clean school buses, which will cut down on the toxic fumes that threaten our environment, and the health of our communities.  This money will also be leveraged to create jobs in the clean energy space, and to provide our children – the future of California – with energy efficient schools where they can learn and grow.”   

Any Proposition 39 funds leftover in addition to the initial $75 million allocation will continue to be used for retrofitting or improving energy efficiency programs in schools throughout the state.