MIT Tech Review: California to Trump: We'll Fund Clean Energy if You Won't

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Trump administration’s fiscal 2018 budget would cut some $3 billion from Department of Energy research programs, including nearly $1 billion from the Office of Science, which funds JCAP and other “innovation hubs.” Meanwhile, almost $1.5 billion in cuts to the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy and the elimination of the moonshot ARPA-E program would ripple throughout solar, bioenergy, and vehicle technology programs at Lawrence Berkeley and the Lawrence Livermore National Lab in California.

Congress is likely to push back on many of the White House’s most drastic cutbacks, but the proposals have nevertheless prompted chatter in the state capitol about the possibility of a clean energy research initiative similar to the Stem Cell Agency.

So far, the only official proposal to do something like this is wrapped into the SB 775 cap-and-trade proposal introduced last month, which would funnel hundreds of millions of dollars annually into the California Climate and Clean Energy Research Fund (see “Amid Trump Cuts, California Proposes Its Own Energy Moonshot”).


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