RELEASE: Legislature Passes Bracero Curriculum Bill - Valuable Contributions to State’s Development to Be Passed on to Future Generations

Monday, August 13, 2012

SACRAMENTO, CA – Noting the great contributions made in California by Braceros during World War II, Senator Kevin de León today applauded the Senate’s passage of Senate Bill 993 (SB 993), which calls on school districts to include instruction on The Bracero Program in school curriculum.

 The history of the Bracero Program has been frequently ignored and left out of school textbooks, despite the program’s impact on the U.S. labor market during World War II and on immigration patterns in this country. The Bracero Program was a guest worker program set up through a series of bilateral agreements between the United States and Mexico that was intended to fill the shortage of American labor during the war years. 

 SB 993 calls for school curriculum to include instruction on the impacts of the Bracero Program on the railroad system, agriculture, and immigration in the United States and directs instruction to include a component drawn from the Braceros’ personal testimony.

 The bill has passed both houses and now moves to the Governor’s desk.