July 15, 2014

Roosevelt High Energy Efficiency Retrofits Tour

$90+ Million for Central Valley K-12 Schools in 2014

Prop 39 Co-Chair Visits Fresno’s Roosevelt High to See Energy Efficiency Retrofit Plans

July 03, 2014

LOS ANGELES – On the eve of Independence Day, Senate President pro Tempore-elect Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) made the following remarks regarding the Murrieta protests and immigration reform:

June 30, 2014

SACRAMENTO – The U.S. Supreme Court ruled this morning that corporations can be exempted from federal laws that burden their religious beliefs, including the federal law requiring that insurance coverage include birth control with no copay just like other preventive care. This decision affects 90% of businesses and 52% of the population.

Senate President pro Tempore-elect Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) released the following statement:

June 30, 2014

SACRAMENTO –Today, President Obama announced his plans to take executive action to address immigration reform, a week after House Speaker John A. Boehner told him that there would not be an immigration vote in the House this year. Speaking from the White House Rose Garden, President Obama said he will pursue executive actions by the end of summer.

In response to the President’s announcement Senate President pro Tempore-elect Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) released the following statement:

June 29, 2014

East Los Angeles Charged Up about Electric Vehicles

Rebate/Loan/Financing Options Proposed for Low-Income Californians

June 17, 2014

Providing Justice through Uniformity of Response Policies and Protocols

June 16, 2014

First Latino to lead the Senate in Modern History

SACRAMENTO – In a unanimous vote by his peers, Senators Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) was elected President pro Tempore of the State Senate on Monday, June 16, 2014.

The first Latino to be elected President pro Tempore in more than 130 years, and the first Angeleno since Senator David Roberti left office in 1994, Senator De León released the following statement:

August 27, 2014

California Gov. Jerry Brown has signed off on a deal that would more than triple funding for California's film and TV tax-credit program.

The compromise would increase funding to $330 million a year over the next five years. While that falls short of the $400 million annually sought by backers, the amount is substantially more than the $100 million that the state currently allocates.

“This law will make key improvements in our Film and Television Tax Credit Program and put thousands of Californians to work,” Brown said.

August 27, 2014

A bill that would phase out rebates for the wealthy who buy plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles passed the Assembly and could join two related bills Thursday on their way to Gov. Jerry Brown's desk.

One of the other bills would increase the number of carpool-lane permits for solo drivers using plug-in hybrid cars. The third bill would prohibit landlords from stopping renters from installing electric car chargers as long as the tenant pays for installation.

Brown has until the end of September to sign the bills.