Press Releases

September 19, 2012

El fin de la sesión brinda grandes logros para El Seguro de Indemnización al trabajador y la Seguridad de jubilación.

SACRAMENTO – La legislatura aprobó dos proyectos de ley del senador Kevin de León (D - Los Angeles) al final de la sesión legislativa de este año que proporcionará mayores beneficios a los trabajadores lesionados y la seguridad de jubilación para millones de arduos trabajadores Californianos.

August 29, 2012

LOS ANGELES – In response to an “AstroTurf” protest at his District office regarding workers’ compensation reform legislation Senate Bill 863 (SB 863), Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) today released the following statement:

August 28, 2012

SACRAMENTO – Senator Kevin De León (D-Los Angeles) today is requesting the California Chamber of Commerce (CalChamber) immediately withdraw propaganda it is distributing that knowingly and willfully misleads Legislators about the facts regarding his Senate Bill 1234 (SB 1234) – the California Retirement Savings Trust Act.

“The Chamber knows the so-called facts it is communicating about SB 1234 are wrong,” said Senator De León. “It is important that the air be cleared so the bill can be considered on its merits.”

August 21, 2012

SACRAMENTO – Citing a study done by the California Tax Reform Association (CTRA), Senator Kevin De León (D-Los Angeles) today released a letter to U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner requesting he intervene with the auto industry, which received $80 billion in bailout money from the federal government yet are spending millions to shortchange California taxpayers.

August 13, 2012

SACRAMENTO, CA – Noting the great contributions made in California by Braceros during World War II, Senator Kevin de León today applauded the Senate’s passage of Senate Bill 993 (SB 993), which calls on school districts to include instruction on The Bracero Program in school curriculum.

August 13, 2012

SACRAMENTO, CA – As shots ring out across the U.S. in a series of horrific and deadly gun violence incidents from Colorado to Wisconsin to Texas, Senator Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) today applauded the State Senate for passing his Senate Joint Resolution 10 (SJR10), which calls for comprehensive measures aimed at stopping the obscene flow of weapons from the U.S. into Mexico that fuels that country’s epidemic drug-related violence.

August 09, 2012

 SACRAMENTO, CA - Whether or not millions of mostly lower wage workers can contribute to their own retirement to provide themselves dignity in their senior years could be answered with the passage of SB 1234 – the California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Program by Senator Kevin de Leòn (D-Los Angeles).

July 11, 2012

LOS ANGELES – Senator Kevin de Leòn (D-Los Angeles) today congratulated Steve Veres on his election to Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Board President. Veres was elected to the LACCD Board of Trustees in March, 2011 for a four-year term that began in July, 2011.

  “Steve is a demonstrated leader at the local government level,” said Senator De Leòn. “The staff and students of the LACCD are fortunate to be benefiting from his wisdom and experience. He is leading the District in the right direction toward more accountability and transparency. His fiscal and governance reform efforts set the tone for a responsive District that truly serves students first.”

June 28, 2012

              LOS ANGELES – In response to a request by Senator Kevin de Leòn (D-Los Angeles), an audit was released today by California State Auditor Elaine Howle on the City of Vernon’s finances The audit is one item in a series of reforms and investigations requested by the Senator last year. An earlier call for a transparent hiring process for a new City Attorney by the Senator and John Van de Kamp is nearly complete. The new City Attorney is expected to work through many of the audit’s findings. In response to the audit, the Senator issued the following statement:

              “The State Auditor’s report clearly identifies that the City of Vernon’s finances are in poor shape. I am grateful the County of Los Angeles was not forced to inherit this mess. While we’ve made significant strides toward reforming Vernon, this audit raises significant questions as to the behavior of past city officials.”